Dassault Systems and Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) have signed a Memorandum to establish a 3D experience centers in the field of Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, and so on, with built-in industry solution experiences. According to industry reports, the aerospace and defense industry in India is one of the fastest growing markets with a significant push to indigenous manufacturing. For Promoting self-reliance, indigenization and technology upgrades, achieving economies of scale and developing capabilities for exports, the talent is developed in-house at a rapid pace to meet the demand.

The automotive industry that is witnessing major changes in the form of electric vehicles (EVs), shared mobility, and emission and safety norms have the potential to create 65 million additional jobs and contributes over 12% to India’s GDP. In the marine and shipbuilding sector, there is also the strong requirement of cost-effective and expertise manpower with best technical abilities. The 3D experience center aims to meet the requirements and facilitate employability for the present youngsters in the state. The center will enhance the employment opportunities for the graduating (Engineering) students by making them aware of the industry-ready skill enhancement followed by certifications for the knowledge gained. As part of experiential learning, the programme would be made available for the students either on-premise or on the cloud to gain first-hand knowledge on plethora operations occurring on the platform. Moreover, the center will provide numerous solutions through training by leveraging the virtual environment besides replicating the real world industry experience and thus eliminates the access related constraints faced by the students. The center will also provide teleported learning facility, where needed, to facilitate remote learning activity as well. Furthermore, the center will also act as an innovation hub for incubating and promoting start-up culture.

    Name : G. Ajith Designation : Project Lead
    Name : T. Satya Deepthi Designation : Project Coordinator
    Name : K. Bharadwaj Swamy Designation : Executive Trainer

Contact:  G. Ajith, ganthala.ajith@gramtarang.org.in, 9885488829

Software Name3D Experience Platform
Programme : Level – A Duration : 128 Hrs
Modules in the Course:
1.    CATIA Sketcher
  Part Design
Generative Shape Design
Assembly Design
2.    Delmia
3.    Simulia
Software Name3D Experience Platform
Programme : Level – B Duration : 5 Days
Domain Training :
1.    Automotive
2.    Aerospace and Defense
3.    Shipbuilding
Software Name3D Experience Platform
Programme : Level – C
Ongoing Projects

The center has been set up as a step to foster innovation and help instill the startup and research culture in the students as well act as a catalyst of growth by making world-class skilled professionals available to key growth sectors for the state and the country.

The 3D Experience Lab is equipped with high end configured HP Laptops in count of 36nos provide by APSSDC, and the licenses for the software are provided by DASSAULT SYSTEMES in two types CLOUD basis and ON Premise.

Current Infrastructure of the LAB
Capacity of the lab 36 laptops
No. of Laptops Installed 36
License type Cloud
Proposed Infrastructure of the LAB
Capacity of the lab 100 laptops
License type On Premise
Cabin type Single/Partitioned


Status of the Training
No. of Batches Initiated 5
No. of Batches Completed 4
No. of students completed 75
No. of Students attended Exam 45
Following students have completed LEVEL A course of CATIA, SIMULIA & DELMIA which was conducted for 128 hours. MTECH 1st Year Students list
S.No Student Name Registration Number
1 M.Vasundhara 18001D3408
2 S.Reshma Bandari 18001D3415
3 M.Upesh Kumar Rao 18001D3409
4 Sai Krishna Mitra Gadepalli 18001D3416
5 D.S.S.Maharshi 18001D3407
6 Thatipati Venkata Sai Karthik 18001D3411
7 S.Vijayakanth 18001D3504
8 J.David Victor Clifford 18001D3602
9 T.Kasinath 18001D3611
10 A.R.Sai Sushmitha 18001D3521
11 P.Abdullah Khan 18001D3614
12 L.K.K.Krishna Charan 18001D3617
13 D.Arun Kumar 18001D3620
14 C.Rajendra 18001D3216
15 V.Yashwanth 18001D3601
16 P.Gnaneswari 18001D3314
17 C.Mownika 18001D3305
18 C.Kiranmayee 18001D3306
19 V.Bhargavi 18001D3318
20 M.Supriya 18001D3315
21 K.Maniteja Setty 18001D3332
22 N.Hanif 18001D3302
23 D.Aaquib Jauwad 18001D3319
24 Arepalli Sai Nirupam 18001D3401
25 E.Rajesh 18001D3216
  MTECH 2nd Year Students list
S.No Student Name Registration Number
1 17001D3123 A. VISHNU PRIYA
2 17001D3308 M. DIVYA
3 17001D3307 M. ANIL KUMAR
BTECH 2nd Year Students list First Batch
S.No Student Name Registration Number
1 Purushotham 17001A0302
2 Chinmayee Devi 17001A0303
3 Abhignan 17001A0304
4 Vasantha 17001A0305
5 Sunil 17001A0306
6 Ramya Sai Yadav 17001A0308
7 Ishitha 17001A0309
8 Lakshmi Narayan 17001A0310
9 Vamsi Krishna 17001A0311
10 Hima Shankar 17001A0312
11 Shraddha 17001A0313
12 Uday Kiran 17001A0316
13 Lavanya 17001A0319
14 Sruthi Chandana 17001A0320
15 Rama Krishna 17001A0321
16 Likhitha 17001A0322
17 Nikhila 17001A0323
18 Vishnu Vardhan 17001A0324
19 Harinath 17001A0325
20 Rishwanth 17001A0327
21 Prashanth 17001A0328
22 Harshik 17001A0330
BTECH 2nd Year Students listSecond  Batch
S.No Student Name Registration Number
1 Harathi 17001A0332
2 Bhargav Krishna 17001A0333
3 Abhishek 17001A0334
4 Sai Krishna 17001A0335
5 Charan 17001A0337
6 Nuzeera 17001A0338
7 Priyanka 17001A0339
8 Dharani 17001A0344
9 Hema 17001A0345
10 Prem Chand 17001A0349
11 Prasanna Lakshmi 17001A0350
12 Madan Mohan 17001A0351
13 Shahid 17001A0354
14 Satish Kumar 17001A0358
15 Mamatha 18005A0302
16 Guru Charan 18005A0303
17 Govardhan 18005A0305
18 Naga Devika 18005A0306
19 Santosh 18005A0308
20 Sreenivasulu 18005A0309
21 Karthik 18005A0310
22 Sandeep 18005A0311

We are providing Summer Internship with duration of 1 Month in the academic year of 2018-2019, with a clear process of intake.

This Internship is based upon Product Design and Development, by using 3D Experience platform.

Certificate will be provided for the students those who completed the Internship successfully

To register, goto Announcements Section of